My Currency

Currency Converter

Easy to use currency converter with the latest exchange rates from the internet.


Ancient Board Game

Latrunculi is a chess like roman board game. Easy to learn fun to play.

My Budget

Money Management App

This app will help you to keep track of your daily spending. And give you an overview over your money.

My Lotto

Lotto Number generator

This app generates ramdom numbers for you, stores your numbers and tells you about possibilities...


Here you will find all my apps for the Android platform as well as infos and news about this platform.


My Currency 2.0 released

A new version of My Currency for the Android platform has been released. The whole user interface has been polished. It now looks similar to the iPhone version. A big new feature is the new default view where you can convert an amount from one currency to multiple others. And with all the nice flags of the countries and backgrounds it looks much nicer than before.

Whats next?

Latrunculi - Game of Soldiers

I'm currently trying to get the game Latrunculi working on Android. It is a ches-like ancient Roman game. It was played by the legionaires of the Roman army. It is said to resemble chess or draughts, but is generally acceptec to be a game of military. For more information about the game read the wikipedia article.

I allready got the game working on the iPhone, but for the Android platform a lot of code needs to be rewritten.Stay tuned for more information.