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How to use

Assets View

  • Tap "+" Button to add a new asset
  • Tap "Edit" Button to to remove/reorder Assets
  • Tap the blue arrow to change the detials (name, type, currency) of the asset
  • Tap on the asset to work with this asset
  • swipe across an asset to delete it fast

Asset View

  • Tap "+" Button to enter a new transaction
  • Tap on one transaction in the table to edit it
  • Tap "Action" button (bottom, left) to create a report or export data
  • Swipe across transaction to delete it fast

Transaction View

Here you can enter the details of a transaction

  • Date: Enter the date of the transacton
  • Type: Payment, Deposit, Adjustment, Transfer
  • Name: Enter the name of the transaction (previous entered names can be chosen from a list)
  • Category: Enter a category for the transaction (e.g. food, clothes, etc.), all entered categories will be stored

Export View

Transactions can be exported with CSV or OFX format. The data can be sent via mail or with My Budget's integrated webserver.

  • To send the data via mail, select "Mail" and tap on "Export". The iPhone integrated Mail App will be opened and you can enter an address.
  • To send the data via My Budget's integrated webserver, select "Web" and tap on "Export". The URL of the data will be displayed and you can download the file by typing in the URL in your PC's/Mac's browser. Note: Your iPhone and your PC/Mac must be connected to the same WiFi network! *


*Sadly there's no way to download/restore data from the iPhone over USB, because it is prohibited by Apple for security reasons. That's way we have to take the laborious way over a webserver or mail. At the time Apple will be allowing import/export via USB, we will implement this feature.